Monday, April 30, 2007

Where does he get this stuff?

Our eldest son has a way of catching us off-guard sometimes.

This past weekend, The Mister was working on the computer while our almost seven year old son was playing nearby with his Lego Star Wars figures and, since our son rarely stops talking, he was explaining his play scenario to his father.

"Luke and Leia are getting married," he informed The Mister.

"They can't get married, son. They're brother and sister," my husband replied.

"It's too late. Leia's pregnant."

Oh. My. God.


  1. Ouch. I hurt from laughing. That is freaking hilarious. I'm just going to sit here and giggle for while.

  2. thisisme-

    Glad you got a giggle from it. We go back and forth between laughter and horror. ;)

  3. Have they thought about adoption?

  4. Oh my! I'd better be prepared for this scenario. My son has the EXACT same Star Wars Legos. On the bright side, at least the baby daddy isn't R2D2!

  5. Thanks for a great laugh!!!!
    When were you planning to have "the talk" with him?

  6. Oh my... I laughed out loud! I think one of the hardest things about being a parent is trying not to laugh at them when they unintentionally say something hilarious.

  7. Hee hee... I just read the other post you linked to. Bondage - that's great. And Santa's sack... good stuff!

  8. Haha... That is so funny. That would be a weird looking lady-lego-person... Pregnant and all...

  9. mist-
    Unfortunately, it would seem that it's too late for that. Now we just await their two-headed love child.

    LOL! Good luck with your own Star Wars Lego "facts of life" scenario! Thinking about it, I'd imagine that a half-droid kid might be rather useful around the house. ;)

    Glad that you got a laugh out of it. "The talk?" He'll get it when he asks the right questions. Until then, I'm happy enough that he knows about this stuff in the broadest possible terms.

    tammie jean-
    Oh, it's really hard to keep a straight face sometimes, isn't it? LOL! This kind of stuff is some of the really good stuff in parenthood. I didn't link to the post where he came running into the kitchen and excitedly asked, "Mommy, we're made out of meat, right?"

    Hee hee! They don't make one of those do they? Maybe it's time to write a letter to the Lego people... they've got only a few months to get their act together, apparently. ;)

  10. I hear it's common in that part of the galaxy (schools aren't so great there either)

  11. furious-

    Do they all resemble each other out there?

  12. OMG...that is too funny! Those Lego guys are so naughty.

  13. That kid has quite an imagination. Gosh, look at all those cool little toys. I'd love to mark all those pointy surfaces with the corner of my mouth.

    In the meantime, how about a damned belly rub?


  14. Hehe
    That is really ridiculous.
    too late!

    where the heck did he get that?

  15. You guys might want to pay a little more attention to what's going on right under your noses.


    My daughter and son maintain they're getting married when they grow up. Should I put the kabosh on that, do you think? They're both so cute, I can't help but think we'd be assured of cute grandkids that way.

  16. LOL. That's it. Just LOL.

    (chortling, giggling, guffawing.)

  17. em-
    Yes, we've got to keep a better eye on what's going on in the Lego bin. ;)

    Please feel free to dull some of those sharp corners for us. They're excruciating to step on when left on the floor. Thank you for condescending to stop by my blog. I will rub your belly now. ;)

    We're wondering the same thing ourselves. We're stumped.

    We're picturing that it was some sort of Toy Story type scenario. We have little control of what happens while we're asleep. It's like having a teenager. That's so cute about your kids. My son thinks that he wants to stay with me forever, but I'm sure that he'll change his mind somewhere along the way. ;)

    We've be giggling about it for a while now. :)

  18. LOL, for real.

    Well done kid, you've gone ahead and broken your parents head. Good effort.

    That is too cute!

  19. orhan-

    Yeah, he excels at that. LOL!